our technology offers a product that has helped top endurance athletes stay comfortable and chafe-free, thus allowing them to boost their overall performance in races such as UTMB, WESTERN STATES, WASATCH 100, BEAR 100, ARKANSAS TRAVELER 100, TAHOE 200, BIGFOOT 200, & MOAB 200, just to name a few...but don't just take our word for it.

 Elle finishing strong at the 2017 UTMB wearing the base compression top, ruhn t-shirt + women's 3/4 legging

Elle finishing strong at the 2017 UTMB wearing the base compression top, ruhn t-shirt + women's 3/4 legging

elle spacek:

UTMB: 42nd female. 583rd overall.

Black hills 100 Ultra race:  1st female. 8th overall.

"Whyyyy did I spend so much of my life chafing?? As an ultra marathoner, chafing is an ever constant part of my sport.  I am so thankful that Ruhn Co. develops products that not only reduce chafing, but have the quality to withstand training run after training run, and race after race. I feel better, I perform better, and, most importantly, I recover better. Running tough races means having the best equipment to get me across those finish lines, and Ruhn Co is hands down my go-to gear. Loving my chafing-free running!"

ben light:

3rd place finisher of the 200 mile triple crown.

"The fit and comfort of apparel is a key element to the overall performance of any endurance athlete. While training and running 200+ mile ultra marathons, the Ruhn Seamless Compression Shorts have provided me with the comfort and support that has been vital to my overall success."

 Ben wearing the ruhn compression short 2.0  Photo: Howie Stern

Ben wearing the ruhn compression short 2.0

Photo: Howie Stern


ben zuehlsdorf:

ultrarunner podcast

"Seamless Front. This is the big feature with the Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0. Instead of the usual 1-3 seams in the, ahem, front like most compression shorts, (which can cause frightening irritation where things should never get irritated), Ruhn uses a “3D contouring weave to provide the perfect supportive fit without uncomfortable seams”. I’ll agree with this marketing claim. I slept in these shorts and then ran in them the next day commando style (too much info?!) on a rather warm day to test the comfy factor. They passed with flying colors."


mitzi white:

discrete cirque series 2017: 1st overall expert -women's.

"After many years I finally have found running clothing that fits well and does not cause any discomfort! I am incredibly picky when it comes to how my athletic apparel feels and performs. Binding, chaffing, pinching, sagging....all of that is a no-go for me. I never have had this issue with my Ruhn Co. apparel. I am also very picky about how the clothing holds up. I put my athletic apparel through the wringer over and over again. I can say from true experience that Ruhn clothing is tough and well made! It has withstood many tough alpine adventures. I am truly thrilled!"-

 Mitzi wearing the women's short.

Mitzi wearing the women's short.

 Don wearing the ruhn compression short 2.0

Don wearing the ruhn compression short 2.0

don reichelt:

U.S. spartathlon team

"I recently had the honor to run the 153 mile Spartathlon, representing the US as a member of the US Spartathlon team. Choosing what you're going to wear for 153 miles of running is no easy task... But Ruhn Co made that infinitely easier with their run 2.0 shorts. My biggest complaint with compression shorts has always been about lack of pockets, followed by lack of comfort. The team at Ruhn Co absolutely nailed their 2.0 short. I had easy access to my salt tabs during the entire race, which was crutial for my success."   

Most importantly, 153 miles later and there is literally not a single hot spot or chafe anywhere on my lower body. These shorts fit so well I never thought about them during the run. They are my new favorite running piece and I'll never want to take them off again!" 

josh hinojosa:

"The most comfortable/best quality running apparel that I've ever worn, hands down. Perfect for race day but durable enough for the every day grind of training. With Ruhn I've never experienced any chafe of any kind or even so much as a hot spot. Helps that the designs look amazing too!"

 Josh wearing the compression shorts 2.0 + the ruhn tank

Josh wearing the compression shorts 2.0 + the ruhn tank

 Ben wearing the ruhn summit jacket

Ben wearing the ruhn summit jacket

benjamin altenes:

ultra marathoner, trail runner, cyclist, photographer, veteran.

"Having the correct tools for a job are essential in my everyday work and play life. Having the right equipment for a run, can make or break my fitness goals. RUHN's products have been one of those tools. Their seamless technology and the breathable material on their Jacket, Shirts and Shorts, makes for a comfortable non-annoying opportunity to run in all types of conditions. From rain and snow to the desert arid climates of the mountains trails in Utah. RUHN's compression shorts are ideal for my training sessions. Having no chaffing and a comfortable amount of compression over a 50 mile period has been a wonderful gift."


eammon powers:

"These shorts are my daily shorts. I run 5-6 days a week, and race 6 times a year in distances from 26.2 to 100 miles. I found Ruhn’s Base Compression 2.0 a few months back and I was sold pretty much right out the gate. First off, they aren't made out of weird scratchy material, seriously why would anyone do that? For years I had been running with my phone shoved between my waistband and skin. This is because on other shorts the phone pocket is either too small or it fits a phone but allows it to flap all over the place, which you know is super comfy. Enter these bad ass shorts which fit my phone (in either pocket), with no shaking along with easy in and out access. Third reason, they're comfortable. I was concerned initially they wouldn't be great in the heat, rest assured, they are awesome. I'm in the hot, humid, Midwest and I’ve put in big miles in the high 90's with no stress. Last reason, they work as promised and look freaking good doing it. I used to routinely wear unlined shorts over my compression shorts, simply adding weight and bulk for aesthetics, those days are done. With the 9" inseam I feel comfortable wearing them in public, and I'm walking without a hobble because my tenders are doing just fine."

 Eammon wearing the graphite compression shorts 2.0

Eammon wearing the graphite compression shorts 2.0